Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Actual Kansas No. 2

Join us Thursday, November 29, at Lawrence's 6 Gallery for a reading by Austin's Scott Pierce and Lawrence's own Cyrus Console.

Scott Pierce is a poet, printer, and publisher living in Austin, TX. He is founder and publisher of Effing Press and also works as a coordinator for Skanky Possum Press and as coeditor and designer of the skanky journal O POSS. Some of his poems have been bound under such titles as The TV Poems, Elms and Other Arteries, Exploder, and Some Bridges Migrate, the later of which is still in print from Small Fires Press. A recent project, Whisper in My Ear / You Are My Pamphleter: a book of poems about making books of poems is forthcoming as an Effing chapbook.

Some poems online can be found at
horse less review:

Cyrus Console lives in Lawrence, Kansas. His first book, Brief under Water, is forthcoming from Burning Deck, January 2008.

Elvis was in a better place.

The style of the dog was naturally beautiful

The habit of travelers in service of God

The cowgirls’ under the stars, the students’

Caught as catch could, rushed, anonymous

Ever wakeful, bright, obedient

Lightweight, manually retractable

They spent weeks in this attitude.

For a time they were like floating. Drunk

Persons staggered through the gloaming

No home to them despite the many ways

They sought shelter there as if it were

Perhaps I will go. I am tired

Of what sets us apart from animals

How everyone can clearly see a music

Of her own invention in the shelter

Of Petrushki station, slowly sipping

Aftershave all afternoon.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

an Actual Kansas 1 at 6 Gallery

Robert J. Baumann and Ken Rumble stand behind a curtain at 6 Gallery.

Ken Rumble and Jim McCrary both gave delightful, entertaining readings, and the crowd was also very satisfying. Check out what Dennis Etzel has to say about it.

Next up is Austin's Scott Pierce with a local poet, t.b.a., on thursday, November 29. Also Megan Kaminski and I will be reading in at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, Thursday, November 8, 2007, 7 p.m., Nunemaker Center.