Tuesday, September 2, 2008

An Actual September 12: Brandon Brown and Judith Roitman

Brandon Brown is a poet and translator from Kansas City, Missouri. His poems have appeared or are about to appear in Abraham Lincoln, Aufgabe, Dusie, Small Town, and Work (alphabetically). Cy Press published a chapbook Memoirs of My Nervous Illness and Transmission Press published another one, 908-1078, both in 2006. TAXT Press in Oakland will publish Camels! in 2008; Mitzvah Chaps will Publish Wondrous Things I Have Seen in 2009. He currently co-curates The (New) Reading Series at 21 Grand Gallery with Alli Warren and publishes small press books under the imprint OMG!

Here is a short blog post where Brandon talks about himself and also links to several places where he has been published on-line.

Judith Roitman
is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Kansas where she is, this semester, teaching "abstract algebra." Her poetry (and I'm just copying and pasting this from Judy's KU site now) "has appeared in First Intensity, Spectaculum, Black Spring, Bird Dog, Locus Point, and 31 (an unbound chapbook anthology). A chapbook, The stress of meaning: variations on a line of Susan Howe, was published in 1997 by Standing Stones Press, a second chapbook, Diamond Notebooks, was published in 1998 by nominative press collective, and a third chapbook, Slippage, was published in 1999 by Potes and Poets Press. A book No Face: Selected and New was published in 2008 by First Intensity Press. A chapbook (actually, a bunch of unbound cards) Ku: a thumb book is forthcoming from Crane's Bill Books."