Sunday, March 21, 2010


Please come to what promises to be an exciting reading by two of our favorite younger writers Kari Freitag and Alex Savage on Friday, March 26, at 7 PM at LOVE GARDEN RECORDS the Wonder Fair Gallery 803 1/2, Massachusetts Street, Lawrence.
You can find Kari Freitag sitting on her windowsill overlooking Division Ave. in Chicago. She draws pictures and writes poems. She also sings songs to her cat, Squirrel. Instead of creating a new song she inserts his name into Peter Frampton's 1974 hit song, Baby, I love Your Way. Then it sounds like, "Ooh Squirrel I love your way, everyday." She has been working on a collection of writings and drawings titled, If I Leave You Alone, Will You Still Be Mad at Me? She will trade almost anything for almost anything and loves almost everyone.
Alex Savage grew up as a baby in Tennessee and was close to the Smoky Mountains and drove an old car around sometimes when he was legally certified to drive a vehicle (Class D? C?). He currently has written his first book, and it is called THE FLESH IS LIKE A KIND OF MUPPET CAPER and that will be out on Hey Tiger! 2010, and if it isn't out for the reading it will be out very soon. Alex is a practicing visual artist and writer. His visual work includes text and pikachus (think about if Joe Brainard lived now and had a lot of screens to look at). He also maintains an internet presence in his work and life, as he is involved with various internet gangs (please visit his website at and click links to see his work). Alex's recent endeavors include
making MIDI Mixes of songs for his performances as DJ BASKETBALL.

* please note this reading will be at the venerable LOVE GARDEN RECORDS, not wonderfair as usual.  PLEASE NOTE.