Friday, March 6, 2009

What would you say about CAConrad?

Nate Barbarick said, "I have never read any of his work or anything."

Karl Saffran says CA's bio is "pretty funny."

John Coletti says CA's "a pal."

Ron Silliman says CA’s the one poet who knows everyone.

Dustin Williamson said, "He's one of those poets that lulls you, then hits you with some real chops."

Jack Kimball says, "Another non-tragedian, C. A. Conrad."

I could not find anything that said or someone to say something about how his cum tastes.

Anne Boyer said, "You know how Allen Ginsberg lead a group of hippies to try to levitate the Pentagon in the '60s? I think CAConrad is the poet today most likely to do that, except they will try to levitate ___________." I was supposed to fill in the blank. If there is a very large pile of glitter somewhere, maybe CA could levitate that. And then drop it on the economy. Poems would be currency, but you couldn't but anything with them--you could just make people feel good. Making people feel good would be currency.

Tom Devaney says CA's survival is deviance, or he deviates to survive, or that he devives to surviate, or divides surrogates, or something. I had food poisoning when i read that one.

Jordan Davis says CA argues that the country at large mostly finds loving menacing.

Jess Mynes would say CA's one of the most enthusiastic supporters of other people's work and one of the most passionate champions of poetry in general.

Clay Banes said, "I would say I am for." Meaning, for CAConrad.

Frank Sherlock says check out Deviant Propulsion. You'll feel better about Conrad's poems, about yourself, and about the future of poetry.

CAConrad says, perhaps to us all, "One day my dear you will be a fairy princess."